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I teach and mentor students to choose a career path that aligns with the life they want, leans into their unique talents and develops the skills they need to stand out above the crowd, ace their interview and land their dream job.  

Boldly Follow
Your Dream

Confidently Choose
Your Path

Courageously Lead
Your Growth

Your Dream Job Matters

You know how you think 'wouldn't it be nice if I could have THAT job?!'

THAT job where you can do the things you enjoy every day, stand out above the crowd and earn enough money to live the lifestyle you want. 

The Problem Is

Dream Job Crushers

Your dream might be to become a fashion photographer but then a voice of disbelief crushes your dream.

That voice might say something like 'that's nice BUT that is a really competitive job, only a few people are good enough to have that job" or "How will you make enough money to survive as you pursue that dream?"

The reality is, the people closest to you may fear your dream job is not realistic.  They may suggest becoming an art teacher is a better option instead.   But what if their career idea is just not what you want to do?  

Their disbelief and suggestions can cause you to doubt your choice which makes you feel feel frustrated, uncertain and anxious.  Will you be wasting time and money on education only to realize you hate your job?

Don't let other people's opinions sidetrack you from pursuing your dream job but do be intentional about assessing your dream job, believing in your potential and choosing your best career path.    

Students often let this voice influence their career choices, only to look back mid-career with regret.   

You Only Live Once so Don't Waste it in a Job you Hate

START Your Career Doing What YOU Love

What it Takes to Turn Your Dream Job into Reality 

Going with the flow without a career plan that you control leaves you in the passenger seat while others potentially guide you down a path that will leave back tracking to get to where you want to go . Not being prepared with the appropriate skills when your dream job appears is frustrating.  But it doesn't have to be this way.  
You have what it takes to be in the driver's seat of your career and get paid to do what you love. But, depending on the size of your dream job, it will require self-leadership to stay focused and a process that allows you to choose a career path where you shine, create your career plan and take the actions you need to land your dream job.      

Hi, I am Marianne

Career Guide for Students | Manager of Education Programs & Projects | Digital Creator & Rising Digital CEO

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Career Guidance

On my pursuit of finding a job I loved, I discovered the combination of career coaching & mentoring; where the coach believes in your dream job, sees your strengths and provides guidance as you turn your career idea into a job you love.

The Benefits

I saw teens enrolled in a mini-MBA becoming CEO's so decided to try coaching my daughter as she approached graduation to help her decide - apply for college or take a gap year to focus on her photography side gig.

@distantides doing what she loves

Here is What Happened

  • Her career dream guided  her decision to take a gap year.  
  • She doubled her photoshoots and took ownership of her dream.
  • By 20 she quit her grocery store job to focus on photography full-time. 

Why Trust Marianne?

 I have spent the majority of my career helping executives turn their business 'dreams' into reality with the management of purpose driven projects.  I have experience navigating the game of applying for three different post-secondary programs even when I didn't think I would qualify or afford the programs.  I have continually developed my skills which enabled me to advance my career from medical secretary to senior program / project manager without having a large amount of student debt.  

I also know what it is like to let fear drive my career decisions and beliefs of what I could and could not achieve.  I often wonder how much farther ahead my career would be today had I only let my dream job of teaching guide me.  But I don't regret the jobs I had because I wouldn't be where I am today without them.  They also taught me the work I love, and the work I do not love to do.

After helping my daughter get paid to do what she loves after graduation, I now want to give other students the tools they need to show their parents, guardians and teachers that they've got this! Because everyone deserves to be happy in their job!  

I believe in you

I don't just believe your career dream matters, I know you have what it takes within you to turn your dream into a job you love because I have done it myself with the help of people who believed in me. 


I want you to succeed

Mid-way through my career I found myself in a job I hated. I was good at what I did, but I was not enjoying my work.  I found a way to have a job I loved and want you to know how to do this too.   


photo credit @distantides (IG)

I see your strengths

I believe you can have a job you love when you intentionally choose a career path that aligns with your vision of the future, unique talents and strengths.


I was THAT Parent

After realizing I was crushing my daughter's dream of being a fashion photographer by pushing her into a career I thought was best for her - I focused on listening to what she wanted and guiding her to develop the skills she needed to turn her career idea into a job she loves.  


How to Get Paid to Do What You Love

Step 1: Choose Your Career Path 

Let's talk about what you want your future to look like in 10 years and see if it is a good fit for us to work together, to dig further into what is most important about that dream and the things you need to start developing today to ensure you are prepared for tomorrow's opportunities

Step 2: Create Your Plan

Guided by your dream, I help you create a personal development plan that includes traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities to identify your unique strengths, develop your leadership skills and builds confidence in the value you offer future employers. 

Step 3:  Love What You Do

As you take action you are turning your career idea into reality, one goal at a time.  Your enthusiasm will demonstrate the value you easily deliver and your ability to lead will natural stand out to your future employer and/or clients.

Let's get you paid to do what you love!

Purchase a career planning consultation package that works best for you or book a virtual coffee and let's chat about which plan is best for you.     Not sure which career path to choose?  Visit the Featured Courses section below and register in the next mini-masterclass.