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3 Keys to Choosing a Career Where You Shine

A Mini-Masterclass that Challenges Highschool Students to Design Their Dream Job

Masterclass Summary

As a student, there may be a job you dream of having, but for various reasons, believe it is not realistic to achieve.  Rather than giving up on that dream, learn to create a personal vision of your ideal future to keep you focused, develop an understanding of your unique strengths & personality to stay motivated and ask key people in your life to help identify the things you need to build a successful career where you get paid to do what you love after graduation!      

What you can expect when you enroll for this mini-masterclass:
* On the release date mentioned below, you will be provided with a recorded lesson to watch each week at your own pace.    

* You will be provided with actions to take and will be invited to submit these actions to me for feedback and accountability.  

*There will be a discussion area within each lesson where you can post questions or comments related to the lesson.  

*There will be an 'Ask me Anything' lesson within the section where you will be able to submit questions to me related to your career planning and development if you do not want to post in the discussion area for everyone to see!  At the end of each week, Marianne will host a live, Ask me Anything zoom call where she will answer the questions submitted as well as questions from the people who choose and are able to join live.  A recording of the call will be available for those who are not able to join.  

By submitting your work, posting questions or comments and submitting questions within the "Ask Me Anything" lesson,  you are not only helping yourself take action and apply what you are learning, but you are helping others who may also have the same questions but are too shy to ask.

Release Schedule:
Key #1 -  Visualizing Your Ideal Future - Released Monday November 28, 2022  
Key #2 - DISCovering Your Unique Strengths & Personality Style  - Released Monday December 5, 2022  
Key #3 - Asking for Help to Achieve Your Career Goal - Released Monday December 12, 2022  

If you choose to purchase a personalized Maxwell DISC Student & Career assessment, Marianne will be in touch with you directly to provide you with a code to complete your assessment.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes!  Even though you know what you want to be when you grow up, there will be opportunities for you to specialize within your career path.  For example if you want to be a doctor - is your personality more suited to be a family physician, a surgeon or pehaps a pediatrician?  When you get to know yourself, you are better able to navigate those choices in the future. 

When I was a teenager, I struggled to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up and I also did not feel like I was smart enough to attend university so I chose to go to a 10 month secretary program at my local business college because I loved to type.  Despite starting my career as a secretary, I attended university and received two degrees and worked my way up to a six figure career.  I couldn't have done it without mentors in my life that pushed me to take control of my life and career.   This is my way of giving back. 

Below you will see an outline of what we will cover. If you have specific questions please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Both plans offer the mini-masterclass which includes a very high-level DISC assessment.  The DIY+ plan provides students with the opportunity to dig into their unique strengths & personality style deeper.  Within 5-7 days after purchasing, a unique code to take the Maxwell Student & Career focused DISC assessment will be provided to the email that is used to register.  That code will provide a PDF with a personalized assessment of their unique style, including a more comprehensive list of career options for their style, their communication style and their style of learning.  A sample of this report can be found as a free preview of the section "(DIY+ Plan)Accessing Your Maxwell DISC Student & Career Assessment" found within the Welcome section below.   

Although I am not certified as a high school teacher or a guidance counsellor, I am a mom who raised a teenage daughter and guided her to choose a career she loves and I have also guided my own career.  I am also certified by John Maxwell, author of over 80 leadership and personal development books to train using his curriculum and to administer Maxwell DISC assessments.  To learn more about me and how I envision helping students get paid to do what they love, visit this page.

I am also a certified project management professional that must follow a code of ethics and conduct as part of my professional obligation.  

Masterclass Curriculum

Marianne Bell

I am Marianne Bell, a career guide for students.  I am also a certified project management professional with the Project Management Institute, leadership coach and DISC consultant with the Maxwell Leadership Team that is experienced in helping executive in the private (technology) and public (academic and healthcare) sectors develop the plans, processes, and technology products they needed to achieve their strategic goals and deliver results client's value.  

Why Trust Marianne?

 I understand what it is like to let fear drive my decisions.  I often wonder how much farther ahead my career would be today had I only let my dream of being a teacher guide me instead of my fear of speaking in front of a classroom of teenagers.  But I don't regret the jobs I had because each one has taught me the work I love and do not love to do. I want to help young adults be more intentional on designing their dream job at the start of their career vs. mid-way through. 

I believe in you

I don't just believe your career dream matters, I know you have what it takes within you to turn your dream into a job you love because I have done it myself with the help of people who believed in me. 


I want you to succeed

Mid-way through my career I found myself in a job I hated. I was good at what I did, but I was not enjoying my work.  I found a way to have a job I loved and want you to know how to do this too.   


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I see your strengths

I believe you can have a job you love when you intentionally choose a career path that aligns with your vision of the future, unique talents and strengths.


I was that Parent

After realizing I was crushing my daughter's dream of being a fashion photographer - I helped her develop the skills she needed to turn her career idea into a job she loves.  I would like to give you the tools to show your parents that you've got this!


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