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I partner with academic & small business leaders to help implement their strategy and create the positive change they envision through purpose driven projects.

Clearly Communicate
Your Vision

Confidently Plan
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Consistently Achieve Your Goals 

the people you serve need your vision to come true

You know how 70% of complex, large-scale change programs fail to achieve their goals? McKinsey & Company suggests this is  because employees are not engaged, management provides inadequate support, accountability and cross-functional collaboration is poor or non-existent.

If you're like many leaders you have a plan that outlines the future you want but it's a struggle to make progress.  The right things never seem to get done, or at least you're not aware of it. You don't see obstacles until they appear because you are too busy reacting to problems or changes. You can't find the time to focus on the work that will actually help you move the needle closer to the future you want.  Your team does not have the capacity to take on one more of the many projects piling up on the side of their desk; and, if you are completely honest, you are not 100% confident these will help you achieve your strategy.  

Maybe the intern or assistant you just hired really is not fully equipped to lead projects yet and you just don't have the time to train or develop them! And to make matters worse, the processes that would help them step in and hit the road running do not you end up doing it yourself because it's sooo much easier and you know it will be done right.    

Realizing Your vision Should Not Be So Hard!

Imagine instead you and your team were focused on the right things because the destination was clear, they knew why it was important and was clear on who was responsible for what. The path to the destination was mapped and visible to all. The issues the team experienced were transparent so that you could focus your time on removing obstacles in a timely manner. Your team had the capacity to think ahead, identify what is required to successfully implement your strategic goals and know who to work with to ensure things stay on course. Also, the benefits each project expected to deliver is bringing you one step closer to the future you envision.

What would it mean to you if you could focus on proactively removing the obstacles getting in the way of pursuing strategic opportunities that helped achieve your organization's vision, mission and business goals? To be regarded as a leader that aligns the department's work with the organization's strategic priorities, improves project performance and empowers your team to deliver expected outcomes? 

my method for achieving results client's value

your vision matters!

I work with you to develop the plans, processes and people you need to deliver digital the products or services your customer's value but unlike others that only focus on schedule, cost & scope, I consider the relevance of work, engagement of people and building of cross-functional project team environments that foster trust,   collaboration, accountability and personal development. 

the destination

Help your stakeholders know where you want to go, why it is important and who is responsible for what so they can be clear on how they align with the vision and can choose to help enable your success.  

the Course

Plan ahead for the journey by identifying who and what you and your team need to successfully reach the destination including  implementation processes that fit how your team works best. 

Navigate the Journey

Create a team where all people feel they belong, are empowered to create digital products & services client's value and changes are from lessons learned, shifts in priorities or to prevent an issue. 

Hi, I'm Marianne

I envision living in a world where personal, professional and small business dreams come true and everyone has a life they love.  

Dreams start as a wish and come true with a plan and intentional actions.

Many people make the mistake of believing a plan stands in the way of going with the flow when in reality, it provides the freedom to enjoy the journey.  



I partner with educators & parents to prepare teens for career success.

When my daughter told me she dreamed of being a fashion photographer, I knew we both had to grow into that dream just like growing into a hand me down sweater. With personal growth, leader development, coaching & mentorship, she chose a career  that aligned with her unique strengths and interest  in photography.   

Now that her photography business is growing, I want to partner with other parents and educators to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs & STEM professionals have a career or business they love.   Help them get started with a free e-book "10 Questions to Test Your Dream Career or Business"


I partner with academic leaders to enable student, research & institutional success

When the Chief Information Officer asked me to work with her to create an institutional technology plan  that  guides the alignment of work across portfolio teams and cross-functional collaboration to deliver technology products & services academic leaders need to achieve their goals and I jumped at the chance to help USask become the University the World Needs.  While the plan is complete, the journey to implement the strategy is not done.  

Next in my career, I am partnering with the Chief Strategy Officer to create other institutional plans and report the value all teams within the portfolio deliver. 


I partner with business leaders to enable small business success.

When online business owners and non-profit leaders need help developing the plans, processes & project leaders they need to manage signature programs and create digital products and services customer's love, I partner with them to leverage my expertise in leading cross-functional teams and software as a service technology projects to help them grow their team & business.  

My business specializes in strategy design, signature program planning and project leader development & coaching.   I would like to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter and receive a free leadership self-assessment.

why trust marianne? 

As a mom to a young business owner, an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, and an experienced program & project leader I know what it's like to have a dream you envisioned not come true.

I have spent the last fifteen years of my career learning and experiencing what it takes to successfully implement strategy and create digital products & services customer's value.

I know my strengths

It took me 20 years to understand working in my strengths zone not only gave me 80% of my results with 20% of the effort; it brought me happiness and reduced my stress.  You and your team can have this result as well.

I continually Learn

Learning is one of my top 5 strengths and I continually invest my time and money to grow as an entrepreneur, project management professional, leadership coach and trainer.  This allows me to share my knowledge and better serve the leaders I partner with .

I believe in your dream 

I know you have what it takes within you to make your dream come true and I see future opportunities that you may not see.  If you're ready to do what it takes to follow your dream, I am ready to be the guide by your side that helps you have a plan, processes and a team that help them come true.

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Don't let your current circumstances stop you from realizing your dreams. Let's connect to see how I can work with you to help you get the results you want.  

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